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                                                                   Prices Include UK Delivery

                 We Design & Hand Make all our garments here in Manchester UK inc: pattern drafting & cutting


How to Measure: Female 

Size Diagram .png

How to Measure: Male 

Size Chart Male .jpg

If you're new to learning how to measure a body don't worry, we've got you covered! It's fairly straight forward, here are the main parts you need to measure for tops & bottoms:

- Bust/Chest (with relaxed arms measure the fullest part of the bust/chest)

- Waist (measure the circumference of the smallest part of your waist)

- Hips (stand with feet together, measure the circumference of the fullest part)

- Sleeve Length (from the centre of your back to the wrist)

- Inseam (from the crotch to the ankle)

- Outseam (from the waist to the floor)

- Back Length (from the base of your neck where that sticky out bone is, to where the garment finishes, whether that be waist height or hip height etc)

How to Measure a Garment: Bottoms

How to Measure a Garment: T-shirt

Size Chart Pants.jpg
T-shirt Size Chart.jpg

Please note all of our sizes below are based on the garment measurements, not body measurements - Measure yourself to know what size will be the best fit for you!

Standard Tops and T-shirts

Net Crop Tops - (Net Collection)

Net Band T-shirt - (Net Collection) 

Camo Crop Top - (Camo Collection) 


Please note our trousers are cut extra long to create the scrunch effect around the lower leg, this also increases the longevity of the garment!
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