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Hey! Here's a small intro into our little company and what we're all about..

Our story

Our brand specializes in designing street dance wear that we proudly make at our studio in Derbyshire. Our aim is to produce quality clothing that is stylish, comfortable and durable. 

We started Urban Pulp in 2012, designing & making street dance clothing for family members and local dance schools. This helped us design our garments with dancers and movement in mind, our clothing is tried & tested - so we know what works & what doesn't! We are dedicated to providing high-quality garments that are specifically made to meet the unique needs and demands of street dancers.

All of our fabric is sourced from UK suppliers all our designs are made here in the UK, using quality fabrics that will withstand the Street Dance Life!

Our company creates custom-made clothing that caters to individuals of all body sizes, shapes, and gender identities. 

We take pride in our ability to design and manufacture garments that are inclusive and tailored to meet the unique preferences and needs of each individual. Our team is dedicated to providing clothing options that embrace and celebrate diversity.

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We offer custom-designed team outfits with the added benefit of teAM DISCOUNT! Contact us today to discuss your team's requirements and explore the possibilities of personalized team outfits!

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team outfits & discount

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